Take Advantage of New IRS Rules

by Laurie Kramer, CFP®
I personally don’t believe in New Year resolutions – I think you can start doing something new, different, or better at any time that is right for you! Having said that, the beginning of the year is a great time to get a jump on managing your taxes.
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To Rent or to Buy?

By Victoria Henry, CFP®
When a client is moving for one reason or another, a common question we get is whether they should rent or buy their next place.
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Want a $2 Million IRA in 10 Years?

By Matt Cohen, CFP®, CIMA®
A core tenant in financial planning is to focus on the controllable. For most of our clients, how much they contribute to their savings while working, and how much they plan to spend in retirement, have the greatest impact on the success of the plan.
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College Savings Account Primer

By Angel Irazola »
Nowadays, the 529 plan is ubiquitous among those families with children planning on or going to college. The advantages are obvious – tax-deferred growth of savings, potential tax-free distributions, and often a state tax deduction for the investor.
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Demographics are Important

Glenn M. Guard, CFA »
For about a dozen years I've had what I call my "China Speech" which addresses the huge demographic changes in store for China and the rest of the world. Here is the Executive Summary: In my humble opinion, there is no path for China's economy to eclipse that of the western world - none. Why? Let me count the ways...an autocratic inefficient government, negligible property rights, no rule of law, foreign investment dropping off a cliff, and mountains of bad debt to name a few.
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Maximizing Financial Benefits and Protecting Assets Using a SLAT

By Laura Nash, CFP® »
In today's dynamic financial landscape, individuals seek innovative and effective ways to protect their assets while maximizing financial benefits for themselves and their family. One such strategy that has gained popularity in recent years is the Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT). SLATs provide a unique opportunity for married couples to protect their wealth, reduce estate taxes, and maintain control over their assets, all while ensuring financial security for their spouses.
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