Foreclosure of a Dream

By Matt Armendaris, Associate Financial Planner
With so many Gen Zers moving into the work force and establishing long term careers, their focus starts to shift to the next symbol of adulthood – owning a home.
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Stop Kicking the Financial Plan Can

By Victoria G. Henry, CFP® »
A few months ago, I realized that I needed some help. Between my husband and I working full time and trying to keep our three little girls safe, fed, and entertained, housework kept falling through the cracks. We were losing a battle to the “stuff” that was just piling up.
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Invest in Your Dog's Mental Health

By Kristan Anderson, CFP®, CEBS® | Dir. Of Retirement Plan Services & Dir. Of Financial Planning
My husband likes to tell me not to anthropomorphize our dog by giving him human feelings and emotions. But the reality is that humans have done such a good job at breeding and domesticating dogs that they can reflect human emotions and have some big feelings of their own. So, what's a person supposed to do if their best friend is displaying signs of depression or anxiety or "reactivity?"
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Financial Literacy for Kids – Start Early

Angel Irazola, Senior Financial Planner
As a financial planner, I often hear clients comment that their teenage, or even young adult children, have a limited understanding of savings and investments. Usually, our advice is to sit down and talk to them about the basics of financial responsibility, or we may recommend a book or two. However, the best advice is to start long before your children are teenagers or college age. I’ll share with you what I have done with my own family, maybe you can relate to it.
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Time… Is On My Side… Yes It Is

By R. Jonathan Stolz, CFA | Portfolio Manager »
The Rolling Stones’ originally released their single “Time Is On My Side” in the U.S. in September 1964. It became their first U.S. top ten hit, peaking at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in December 1964. The Rolling Stones would go on to deliver a total of 23 top ten hits and the band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.
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Growing Up (At Home?)

By Kristan Anderson, CFP®, CEBS®
My son is looking for his first apartment without a roommate. I’m worried that he won’t find anything in his price range by the time he has to move out of his current place. I don’t want him to not have a place to live, but I don’t want him back home, either.
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When You’re Ready, Come and Get It

By Kristan L. Anderson, CEBS®, CFP®
We tend to get a lot of questions regarding Social Security. Some older clients are interested in claiming strategies to maximize their benefits, while younger clients ask whether Social Security will even be around when they reach full retirement age.
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Young at Heart

By Glen Buco, CFP®
Last month we celebrated the day of my 40th anniversary with West Financial! How did that happen? To be honest, it hardly seems like it's been 40 years – and that is a gift. As I have aged, the clients have aged with me. We now have 95 clients aged 85 and older. The oldest client I have worked with was 104, and was she a character!
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Family Conversations at the Holidays

By Laura Nash, CFP®
When families get together to celebrate the holidays, it is a great opportunity to discuss wealth transfer with the next generation. Too often, families do not communicate about finances and are not educated on the basics of estate planning.
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