Top Fee-Only Financial Advisers 2024

January 08, 2024
Glen Buco and Victoria Henry West Financial Services. Top Financial Adviser Washingtonian 2024

We are pleased to announce that Glen Buco and Victoria Grossmann Henry were recognized as Top Fee-Only Financial Planners* by Washingtonian magazine in January 2024. This is not a new recognition for Glen or Victoria as both have been named to the list for the last several years, however, Glen and Victoria are grateful to their peers in the financial community each year for the nomination. The Washingtonian describes the process of choosing honorees on their website as follows: 

To arrive at the names of the area’s 375 top financial advisers—the fee-only financial planners, fee-based advisers, estate attorneys, tax accountants, and insurance advisers marked with a “Top Financial Advisor” tag—we distributed surveys to hundreds of people who work in the local financial industry. We asked them whom they would trust with their own money. We also did our own research, consulting industry experts and publications. The “Top Financial Advisor” names on this list are the people who received the strongest recommendations.

Most of the 375 “Top Financial Advisors” are at smaller, independent firms. The surveying process does not turn up as many names at large banks and brokerages. One reason is that banks and brokerages sometimes keep more work in-house — and if a financial adviser isn’t referring clients to outside professionals, that adviser might not have a network that earns peer votes.

Glen and Victoria were joined by Kristan Anderson, Director of Financial Planning, this year in being recognized as Top Financial Professionals by Northern Virginia Magazine in September 2023.  You can find details of the selection criteria for that recognition here.