At West Financial Services, the decisions we make and the advice we provide reflects our responsibility to “do the right thing.” While it may seem obvious, this core tenet is an important distinction in our current fiduciary landscape. Our disciplined and objective investment and financial planning processes are designed to provide you trust and peace of mind.

Five compelling reasons to choose West Financial Services:

Stability – West Financial Services was established in 1982, and has operated in a fiduciary capacity for clients since our inception. We believe continuity and stability are important drivers in this successful history. Many of our employees have been with the company for decades, our clients can always speak with a member of the firm who is knowledgeable about their particular goals and financial situation.

“Big Picture” Thinking – Any one component of a client’s financial or personal situation can have profound implications on their entire financial situation. We ask a lot of questions, and sometimes this can feel uncomfortable. But doing so enables us to make recommendations that consider your total financial picture, not just one facet. 

Results Oriented – Our clients are successful individuals with high expectations. We know how hard our clients work to accumulate their wealth, and we aim to match that level of dedication to achieve results for them.

Creative Solutions – The best answers to a client’s complex financial problem often comes from innovative thinking and collaboration, both within and outside of our firm. Our clients value strategic thinking and the desire to address problems, even if the answers aren’t obvious. We deliver solutions on the issues at hand, while considering potential unintended consequences.

The Long View –  Since we expect our client relationships to be long-term, it is paramount that they be based on trust and integrity. We pride ourselves on delivering open and honest communication, attentiveness, and professionalism. 

When you work with West Financial Services, you quickly discover that everything we do and every decision we make puts our clients first.

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